Key words

This section displays a selection of content from this website - including chapters from the thesis, as well as thesis summaries - relative to some of the main "red threads" that run through this research project. Feel free to use this list as a rough guidemap to specific themes you feel keen to explore!

For an alternative set of entry points into the website, see also the "Who are you?" section.

Action Research (AR)


Deep Adaptation & collapse

  • Chapter 1, Section 1: for the global context of socio-ecological crises and collapse in which my research takes place
  • Chapter 5, Section 1: for an introduction to Deep Adaptation and the Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF)
  • DAF landscape summary: for an overview of the purpose and focus of DAF as a community.
  • Annex 5.4: for a discussion of participant aspirations within DAF, and the framing of DAF spaces (how should people respond to socio-ecological crises?)
  • Chapter 6, Section 2: for my assessment of whether radical collective change happened thanks to DAF. See also Conlusion, Section 1.

Decolonial change & unlearning

  • Radical Collective Change summary: for some reflections on how the process of unlearning may have to do with radical collective change. See also Chapter 6 for more details on this process.
  • Decolonising DAF summary: for ideas on how decolonial forms of change may be put into practice within an online community
  • Chapter 2, Section 2: literature review on unlearning and decolonial studies
  • Chapter 6, Section 3: reviewing common critiques of decolonial approaches
  • D&D Circle summary: an overview of the D&D Circle case study, involving a group of people engaging in conscious forms of unlearning. See also Annex 5.3 for more details on this case study
  • RT summary: an overview of the social learning that took place within (and thanks to) the DAF Research Team. See also Annexes 5.5 and 5.6 for more details.

FairCoop & Faircoin

Online communities and ICT


Social learning

  • DAF landscape summary: for an overview of the main results of the Wenger-Trayner soc learning evaluation in DAF
  • Chapter 5: for more details about these results
  • Faircoop summary: for an overview of the evaluation process in Faircoop
  • Chapter 4: for the more details about this process
  • Chapter 2, Section 1: a literature review on social learning
  • Chapter 3: methodology used to evaluate social learning. See also Annex 3.2 for more details about the process used in FairCoop, and Annex 3.3 for more details on the process used in DAF
  • Annex 5.5 and 5.6: to learn more about the DAF Research Team's social learning evaluation process


  • Chapter 4: a story of FairCoop as a community, built from interviews with FC participants
  • Annex 5.2: the learning journeys shared by DAF participants about their own changes and social learning