Who are you?

Through this section of the website, you can access a selection of insights, summaries, and other content related to this research, based on what I think different kinds of readers might be most interested in. By clicking the links in these texts, you can access relevant chapter summaries from my thesis, to go deeper into these topics.

The profiles I list here are among the imaginary "ideal readers" of this thesis and its products. I consider that each of these profiles corresponds to someone I was and/or still am. But this selection I made for each profile is based on pure guesswork, of course, so feel free to roam around this website and discover other things that may be interesting to you!

There are two common points between these profiles I have in mind. They correspond to people who are...

  1. Keen to create deep social change: you recognise that the planet is caught in multiple social and ecological crises / metacrisis / polycrisis / collapse, and you want to try and make things less worse.

  2. From a relatively privileged social background: these insights will be most useful to you if you are engaged in low-intensity (low-risk, low-stakes) struggles, probably in the Global North.

NB: If you don't identify with any of these characters in particular, just pick one at random ;) ... or check out the introduction summary, and start navigating from there.

Community currencies activist

You seek to create social change through community currencies and/or other local social activist projects.


You doubt that anything can be done to avoid ecological and/or social collapse, and feel scared and confused about this.

Social justice activist

You want to address racism, sexism, colonialism, and other forms of systemic oppression within your activist groups, community, or other social settings.

Community weaver

You want to build an online community to embody new ways of being and doing, as a way to prefigure/embody the change that should happen more widely in the world.

Learning citizen

You are keen to evaluate and stimulate deep social learning in an online community.